Improve Outcomes, Optimize Reimbursement

CareLytix Competency

What distinguishes us from others?

Improve Outcomes

  • Increase time to intervene – identify quality gaps earlier in the performance period vs. year-end
  • Increase care team efficiency – enable care managers to readily identify patients with quality gaps for outreach

Fulfill Regulatory Requirements

  • Results calculation – pre-built measure modules written per the source technical specifications
  • Reporting – Programmatically (vs. manually) submit data to CMS, as well as receive feedback on the content and accuracy of submissions

Optimize Reimbursement

  • Avoid errors – data is validated during integration
  • Identify performance trends – scorecards compare results against benchmarks, peers and program goals

See how our customer say about CareLytix:

I just wanted to say Thanks to you guys, you have really been cranking out the work lately…and also in general over the last few years. I really appreciate all of your professionalism and attention to detail – Top Notch. You guys really are an outstanding team, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
- by Ryan Gilligan, CTO of B4Health LLC