Comprehensive and Mature Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse for Healthcare

The needs of healthcare organization to utilize all type of data available to them to support value-base care is becoming more and more obvious. Healthcare is different from other industries, Healthcare data has its own specificity, complexity, uniqueness, variety, speed, and volume. Building Enterprise Data Warehouse for Healthcare is different from that for other industries.

Enterprise data warehouse for healthcare facilitate a 360-degree view of patients by integrating patient data from all available sources. Improve patient engagement with actionable insight and predictive modeling and analysis based on healthcare data. Improve population health outcomes by identifying and closing gap of care and by tracking current health trends and predicting upcoming ones. Enterprise data warehouse for healthcare makes informed, high-impact business decisions based on data insights.

What differs CareLytix from other is our ability to deliver comprehensive and mature Enterprise Data Warehouse specifically for healthcare. CareLytix helps customers positioned well to succeed with their value-based care initiatives.

HIPAA Compliance

CareLytix host all our data with a HIPAA compliant hosting provider, which implemented administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place. Physical safeguards include limited facility access and control, with authorized access in place. Technical safeguards require access control to allow only the authorized to access electronic protected health data. Access control includes using unique user IDs, an emergency access procedure, automatic log off and encryption and decryption. Technical policies cover integrity controls, or measures put in place to confirm that PHI hasn’t been altered or destroyed. Network, or transmission, security is also a technical safeguard to protect against unauthorized public access of PHI.

CareLytix optimizes storage utilization and delays primary storage purchase, lowers TCO of data management with centralized management, stores and transports data securely.

CareLytix uses cutting edge technology to improve data integration, data organization and data processing

  • Improve SQL performance, such as processing speed, usually by 100%
  • Improve data process Scalability (horizontal scalability)
  • Improve database storage utilization, usually 200% storage saving and 100% speed improvement
  • Improve Productivity

CareLytix automate data processing process and integration of large dataset

  • Data ingest automation
  • Data QC automation
  • Data Processing automation

CareLytix provide secured data sharing and data exchanges

  • Access control, authentication and encryption
  • Provide cross application data access via API / SDK access points
  • Adheres to standards (HL7, CCDA, FIHR)
  • Web service enabled
  • Enables secondary use of content and improves clinical intelligence

Bottom-Up Design of Data Warehouse

For traditional structured data, CareLytix could provide a data warehouse implementation service with Ralph Kimball Methodologies

  • Collection of Data Marts become the EDW
  • Dimensional Model – Star/Snowflake Schema
  • Data Warehouse Bus Architecture
  • Central Meta Data repository
  • Suite of dimensions that all data marts conform to set of Standardized facts


  • Single version of the Truth
  • Common definition of data
  • Fast Incremental Delivery
  • Cross-functional data availability
  • De-centralized, intuitive data navigation functionality
  • Balanced workload capacity for data growth and increased users

See how our customer say about CareLytix:

I just wanted to say Thanks to you guys, you have really been cranking out the work lately…and also in general over the last few years. I really appreciate all of your professionalism and attention to detail – Top Notch. You guys really are an outstanding team, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
- by Ryan Gilligan, CTO of B4Health LLC