Increase Visibility to Services and Costs


Healthcare industry has moved into the data-driven world, Business Intelligence is essential to health care organizations.

Actionable insights from EHR data analysis, billing data analysis, clinical data analysis, claims data analysis etc. help healthcare organizations increase revenue, improve care quality, improve patient safety, while maintain compliance with regulation, best practice and medical guidelines.

Business Intelligence increase visibility to health care organizations financial operations, identifying both highly profitable and underused services, identify outliners, identify outstanding performers, control costs, and optimize operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence has been playing and will continue to play a crucial role in the future of the healthcare industry. With the ability to positively impact everyone in the industry – from patients to healthcare providers to executives – Business Intelligence is a necessary component that rewards healthcare organizations with both clinical and financial success.

CareLytix provides HIPAA compliance, secure, highly configurable, centralized, scalable, extensible Business Intelligence solutions to health care providers, venders and payers, no matter you are small or big.

CareLytix provides a platform based solution to meet your unique business needs.

See how our customer say about CareLytix:

I just wanted to say Thanks to you guys, you have really been cranking out the work lately…and also in general over the last few years. I really appreciate all of your professionalism and attention to detail – Top Notch. You guys really are an outstanding team, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
- by Ryan Gilligan, CTO of B4Health LLC