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CareLytix OCM

The CMS Oncology Care Model (OCM) is an Advanced APM focused on providing higher quality, more coordinated oncology care.

CMS is tracking participant performance on multiple quality domains in order to verify clinical improvements, assess patient health outcomes and appropriate coordination of care, and ensure continued quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries.

Example illustrates the calculation of the performance based payment under the one-sided and two-sided risk arrangements for a practice with approximately 100 episodes.

CareLytix OCM

CareLytix OCM is an end-to-end data solution powered by CareLytix’s healthcare data analytics core system Gx. It is a solution for oncology practices to move quickly to Value-based programs. CareLytix OCM solves the time-consuming data gathering and reporting challenges oncology providers face today. This end-to-end solution enables practices to analyze their performance by combinations of practice, quality measure, physician, and patient to identify improvement opportunities with business intelligence reports. It helps OCM participants to maximize finical benefits and drive success with the program.

Get You Ready to Take Action

In order to calculate OCM measure accurately, various type of data are required, locate those data, extract it, transfer the data and process them is not a trivial work. If the gap of care to meet the OCM measure requirement is not identify on time for patient during that episode of care, oncology practices will not be able to close the gap.

CareLytix OCM integrates with standard EHR system to extract and transfer data needed for OCM measure calculations and care gap identification. CareLytix OCM provide an easy to use interface that list all eligible patients who are not meeting the OCM measure standard and reason and/or what follow up action is need to in order to meet the standard.

CareLytix OCM Dashboard at practice/measure/physician level help practice to identify care gaps at a glance for each individual measure.

Developed by a combination of expertise of clinician and technologist, CareLytix OCM is well positioned to support oncology practices for long-term success in the transition to value-based reimbursement.

Combined with a proven track record in the delivery of innovative healthcare IT solutions, CareLytix team is committed to the company’s mission of assisting value-based providers improve outcomes and financial performance.

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I just wanted to say Thanks to you guys, you have really been cranking out the work lately…and also in general over the last few years. I really appreciate all of your professionalism and attention to detail – Top Notch. You guys really are an outstanding team, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
- by Ryan Gilligan, CTO of B4Health LLC