Innovative Health Care Analytics

Big Data Solution

CareLytix provide big data analytics platform that supports data Ingestion, aggregation, transformation and cleansing to create an enterprise data platform including data from clinical systems, financial systems and supplementary data sources. On top of the data platform is a data processing platform which turns data into insights. This would facilitate creation of use case-specific data marts, allowing the analytics team to carry out advanced reporting and visualizations. Using the big data platform as storage for raw data would also enable advanced exploratory and predictive analytics.

CareLytix’s provide innovative health care analytics with big data architecture, armed with cost of care expertise and deep clinical knowledge and evidence-based industry-accepted guidelines.

CareLytix also provide healthcare specific tool sets for non-technical clinical analysts to perform analysis and reporting with strong visualizations. CareLytix is good at break the barriers to data access by bringing end users closer to data.

CareLytix also provide data exploration tools to enable insight discovery, to exploring data to discover hidden insights.

See how our customer say about CareLytix:

I just wanted to say Thanks to you guys, you have really been cranking out the work lately…and also in general over the last few years. I really appreciate all of your professionalism and attention to detail – Top Notch. You guys really are an outstanding team, just wanted to say THANK YOU!
- by Ryan Gilligan, CTO of B4Health LLC